Frequently Asked Questions

What is safelink?

safelink as the name implies is a completely free service that allows you to send text and files securely via a simple link you protect by requiring PIN verification by the receiver through their phone number. Bypassing account creation from services like DropBox, you can send personal, financial and other sensitive contents in seconds.

Why should I use safelink?

Recent research has shown that your chance of being hacked in the next year is 100%, if you haven’t been already. 7% of all Americans over the age of 16 in 2015 were victims of identity theft.

With digital communication firmly the primary way we communicate, it’s scary to think of what’s being sent over email, chat, text messaging. And not all of us have the time or need to sign up for every secure cloud service each time we want to send or receive simple private messages like credit card numbers, personal information, private links and sensitive files, photos and other media.

So safelink was made to fight the odds of having personal information stolen by making it safe, simple and free.

Who uses safelink?

Everyone from businesses to individuals to customer service agents to healthcare professionals is using safelink to ensure that private messages, sensitive information (e.g., social security numbers, credit card information, account data) and files (e.g., documents, photos) are transmitted over email, chat and other messaging services securely.

How do I use safelink?

Simply visit to type your message and/or upload files (securely) to generate an encrypted link that you can send over any digital communication.

For you Slack users, simply add our Slackbot and see how even simpler it is to generate and send safelinks.

Mobile user? Coming very, very soon!

How secure and private is safelink?

Please visit our Security page to learn about the most advanced encryption and protection technology we use to secure your message and data as well as our Privacy Policy, which states that we do not collect or use any personal information for any purpose.

As you will see on our Security page, in addition to using military grade encryption, physical separation of data and phone number authentication, we also permanently delete the contents of every safelink with no trace 24 hours after the link is created. So your receiver has 24 hours to verify identity and access her safelink content.